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‘Happy is He’ – Trusting in Yah in an Uncertain World

_Happy is He who trusteth in Yah_
( Ethiopian boys at Wailing Wall.

Let’s face it, these days there is a lot to be stressed and depressed about.  

Climate change poses a serious threat to man’s very existence, and scientists are warning that if we don’t change (reduce carbon emissions), we may see the extinction of most animal species and the face of the planet altered beyond anything we’ve ever known.  

Economic conditions are not much better.  The effects of tariffs and the recent government shutdown imposed by an inexperienced and unstable president and white house, have thrust millions of hardworking people into hard times.  Many hard working families are suddenly facing the real prospect of losing their homes, eviction, lack of basic necessities like food. This is the ugly face of poverty.

Socially, headlines wreak of widespread sexual abuse and exploitation of children and women around the world, while religious institutions like the Catholic church – instead of holding the bar of morality – are cesspools filled with sexual predators and are some of the most dangerous places for our youth.  Not to mention, the heartless imprisonment of immigrant children and families who are seeking asylum. This behavior is not just in America, but as global resources shrink, immigrants are being attacked with a rise in xenophobic behavior and hate crimes around the world.

Racism and injustice continues to plague black and brown communities with the highest incarceration rates in the world in the U.S., while these communities also face  severe poverty, unemployment, and environmental genocide – poisoned water, food source, ecosystems.

Let’s not even begin to talk about the political turmoil within the American government.  Surely, I can go on and on.  But there’s not enough space or time to give the full span of things we could worry about.

No doubt, we are facing one of the most uncertain and unstable times in this modern age, and we need Yah more than ever.  The only thing that can give us a real source of stability and comfort is having a personal relationship with your Heavenly Father, for only He can fix it, or give us what we need to cope.  How do you develop this personal relationship with your Creator? Through prayer (which includes praise, affirmation, and meditation) study, and living by His word.

Chanting the Psalms

The Psalms are Yah’s medicine for His children to overcome all anxiety and depression, by giving us hope.  Chanting the Psalms in faith, lifts us out of the dunghill of life by reminding us of Yah’s deep love for us and His power to change our conditions.  Left to ourselves, we are hopeless. But in YHWH, we can do all things! We are more than conquerors in Him.

When you are feeling anxious, the best thing you can do is pray.  For Yahweh is greater than all of us, and only He has the power to really change our condition.



Through prayer, the Almighty through His word – which is spirit – will tear down the strongholds of lies the adversary has used to make you anxious and fearful.

Chanting the Psalms or praying Yah’s word builds our faith and trust in the Creator.  Reminding ourselves of Yah’s all sufficient provision and power.



Words of the Psalms remind us of Yah’s deep and unfailing love for us and that it’s safe to trust Him because He cares for us, which provide spiritual comfort and joy that relieves depression.





When you try to solve your own problems, you have much reason to fear.  But when you invite Yah to solve what you can’t fix, you are filled with a sense of hope and open yourselves up to endless possibilities.



Finally, when you decide to trust in Yah and not in man or your own flesh, victory is sure:


Here are some of the Psalms you can Pray for comfort and relief of anxiety and depression:

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More on the Psalms is coming in future blogs.



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